Find videos for both men and women considering religious vocations. The videos provide a wealth of information about everything from the discernment process…to the steps involved in becoming a priest…to introductions to different types of religious orders…and much more.

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Gifts of Faith: Train Tomorrow’s Priests
Seminarians from Sierra Leona answers why they choose to join the priesthood. In many countries where Aid to the Church in Need works, young men are determined to defy persecution and poverty to follow the path to the priesthood.
The De La Salle Christian Brothers (3:58)
An introduction to the Brothers, their vocation, charism and mission at is lived out in the world today.
Undivided Heart – Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (12:00)
This beautiful video gives a glimpse into the joyful and grace-filled life of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville.
The Priesthood (1:18)
One word sums up the priesthood: Love. From Real Life Catholic.
Pray to Love (11:12)
The mission of artist Anne Goetze's 'Pray To Love, Love To Pray' Nun Series is to cross cultural boundaries through beauty and art; to acknowledge the power of prayer - the higher consciousness that change things to the good; and to bring awareness to the 'Daughters of Prayer' the Visitation Order.
Bishop Michael Sis Vocation Video (7:31)
Bishop Michael Sis describes the vocation journey in this video from the Diocese of San Angelo, Texas.
Blessed: A Day in the Life of the Capuchin Franciscans (4:01)
From meditation at 5:45 am to prayer at 9:00 pm, a day in the busy life of the Capuchins.
Renewal in Motion (4:13)
Take a walk on the cool side of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.
A Day in the Life of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal (8:45)
Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR, shares about the life of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.
What’s Your Vocation? (2:05)
Sr. Alicia and Fr. Charlie discuss the basic concept of vocation as God's call in this video by CatholicChicago.
Who Are the CFRs? with Brother Mark-Mary (9:29)
Who are the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal? Are they ninjas? Are they Jedis? Find out with Brother Mark-Mary in this video brought to you by Ascension Presents.
What’s My Vocation? with Fr. Mike Schmitz (6:10)
What are the three aspects of vocation? Fr. Schmitz discusses these and more in this video brought to you by Ascension Presents.
Seminary Life – Nashville Vocations (5:10)
A beautifully produced video about seminarians and seminary life created by the Diocese of Nashville.
Vocation Story – Sister Benedicta (3:01)
A young member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration relates her vocation story, which began while she was a student at an elite university. Focuses on prayer as having been key to her vocational development.
Many Whispers, One Heart: Sister Julia (1:42)
From the Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery in Tulsa, OK. A member of the community describes her vocational journey in very concrete terms—including breaking down her own stereotypes of what religious life was all about.
Why Did You Become a Catholic Nun? (2:16)
Two nuns from the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration (TX) speak with a sense of humor about their vocation stories. Plus, they look to the future and their hopes for vocations to women’s religious orders.
Sister Cristina Caballero, RSM, Vocation Story (2:45)
A member of the Sisters of Mercy relates her vocation story—which has its roots in her school years. Good example of being persistent in one’s vocation journey.
Many Whispers, One Heart: Sister Marie Therese (1:32)
From the Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery in Tulsa, OK. A member of the community describes how she came to be a Benedictine Sister, her mission each day, and her delight in finding God in the life she has chosen as a religious.
Love in Action: Conversations with Women Religious (16:30)
From the Ignatian Solidarity Network. This video features conversations with several members of different women religious orders who are stationed in Northern California. The conversations focus on the members’ lives of service to the poor, marginalized, and voiceless in the community, with additional remarks about their specific orders interspersed throughout.
The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: An Overview (2:22)
From the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; a video that summarizes the order’s worldwide mission of mercy and connects it back to the original words of its foundress, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini.
Why Do Some Congregations Wear a Habit and Others Do Not? (3:57)
From the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; a member of the order answers the question posed in the title of the video. Note the cross she is wearing.
Sister Marilyn Baker on Wearing the Habit (2:34)
From the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-in-the-Woods (IN); a member of the order talks about the order’s move from wearing religious habits to wearing plain clothes. Note the cross pin she is wearing.
Do You Wanna Be A Sister? (2:50)
Creative video from the Salesian Sisters using puppets in a sort of sing-along musical to depict the initial vocations-related questions of a young girl and the guidance she receives from one of the members of the religious order.
Being with Those Guys… (2:35)
The Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J. (now the president of Creighton University) talks about a pivotal moment on his vocations journey during his undergraduate years.
Do Not Be Afraid! (2:33)
An excellent resource regarding the different ways in which men are called to the priesthood from different stages of life and from different churchgoing backgrounds. Includes brief interviews with several priests of varying ages from the Archdiocese of Detroit (MI), for which this video was produced.
Why Become a Priest? (2:29)
Dozens of priests respond to the question 'Why become a priest?' by talking straight into the camera—just as if they were talking to the viewer. Their answers are inspiring. Answers are given in English and also in Spanish and additional languages.
Discerning a Vocation (5:22)
Monks of Mount Angel Abbey (OR) discuss how to discern a potential vocation to the Benedictine religious order. The monks are of varying ages and each provides a good perspective on the process of discernment.
Music Is Instrumental in Jesuit’s Vocation Story (3:56)
Compact story about the vocational journey of one of the most famous names in modern Catholic liturgical music. Roc O’Connor, S.J. shares the details of first getting the call in high school and even his first experience in playing the guitar—an instrument he and his fellow St. Louis Jesuits led the way in introducing to the liturgy in the 1970s.
How to Start Discerning the Priesthood (4:26)
An animated walk-through of the process of becoming a priest, from initial thoughts to ordination (schools and other entities mentioned are specific to the Archdiocese of Chicago, for which this video was produced).
Follow Me: Journeys to Priesthood (13:00)
Features interviews with various priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA speaking about their vocational journeys and also provides a glimpse into their recreational activities (e.g., one of the interviewees is a triathlete).
Fr. Augustine Reisenauer, O.P., Talks About His Vocation (5:07)
Interesting story of a Dominican priest and his vocation story, which winds through an early desire to be a doctor, through a life-changing trip to Southeast Asia, and into a religious order.
From Pro Soccer to the Priesthood: The Witness of Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck (5:13)
Powerful story of a young priest’s journey from being a top-level college athlete to being a pro soccer player in South America to receiving a call from God—and, finally, to becoming a priest; an excellent example for young men who might have stereotypical ideas regarding priestly vocations.
A Vocation Story from CMSWR (1:19)
A brief and lovely music video and slideshow featuring the work and prayer lives of sisters and nuns from various orders.  Video is produced by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.
Top Ten Friar Questions (9:39)
Humorous, informal, late-night-talk-show-esque ‘top ten’ list compiled by a young Franciscan.  In his video, he fields the ten questions about being a Franciscan that he’s most often asked by laypeople; his answers are detailed, conversational and down-to-earth.

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