Serra Promotion and Resource Kit

Serra Spark


Expand Your Vocation Activities

This sampler contains the 7 Greats©, seven tools from the Serra SPARK© toolkit. The Serra Promotion and Resource Kit (SPARK) can be found at The tools were built for Vocation Directors by the US Council of Serra International in collaboration with the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors (NCDVD). Serra SPARK© is a valuable resource for anyone involved in vocation work both at the diocesan and parish levels.

Serra clubs, pastors, and parish vocation ministries can all learn and expand their vocation
activities with the ideas and tools made available through this 7 Greats© booklet coupled with the online version containing more than 28 tools and resources.
The website also includes Serra SPARK Helpers© for many of the tools. They are documents that can be downloaded, personalized and used immediately.

All tools and programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the local community. The online resources are continually expanded and updated, so start with these tools but expand your vocation activities at Sign up for automatic updates at the foot of the homepage.

Vocation Tool Types

Distinctions should be made in the process of choosing vocation tools depending on your goal. The tools have been classified into the following types to guide your selections. This will help to ensure that your vocation activities are well-rounded. Look for the designations for each tool in this guide. Note that more than one type may apply to an individual tool.


  • Affirmation Tools: These encourage people who are currently serving the church in their roles as pastor, priest, brother, sister, nun, deacon. They express appreciation to those in Church vocations and can offer support and friendship.
  • Awareness Tools: These are aimed at building a positive culture of vocations. They aim to create a spiritual atmosphere conducive for the Holy Spirit to bring forth vocations in the community, parish, classroom, and household.
  • Invitation and/or Encouragement Tools: These are intended to help the laity who may or may not have indicated their desire for a vocation in the Church
    openly but who have shown a dedication to church service and a love of the faith.
    These tools offer appreciation to those who may possess the right qualities for a
    religious vocation and encouragement to remain faithful servants of the Lord in a greater capacity.
  • Prayer Tools: These tools acknowledge our dependence on God to call those who will serve in those special roles of service to the Church. These “ask the Master of the harvest to send out laborers for His harvest.” [Mt. 9:38] Some promote communal prayer activities, and others encourage family or individual prayers for vocations.