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serra international logoSerra Promotion And Resource Kit
For Vocation Directors and Vocation Promoters


#22. Video Resources on Religious Vocations for Different Ages

Watch Video Introduction


Video has become, in the age of the Internet, the lingua franca of connecting young people to important messages.

Dioceses and religious orders are now fully leveraging the medium of video to get their message out—including that of promoting vocations.

Multitudes of vocations videos can be found on the Internet nowadays.  Many dioceses and religious orders have produced short (typically between three and seven minutes in length) video programs describing such vocational topics as the discernment process; formation; personal stories from priests, brothers, sisters, and nuns; and more.  These can be very effective in connecting with young people—and, in turn, prompting young people to consider vocations to the priesthood or religious life.

Selected videos are accompanied by a brief description and a notation of length.  They are arranged for men or women in groups for appropriate ages.

Program Outline

  • Video is a great way to connect young people to important messages
  • Dioceses and religious orders are using the medium of video to reach young people
    • Including in the area of promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life
    • Previewed videos have length, brief summary and designation for appropriate age group
  • Vocations videos abound on the Internet
    • Many dioceses and religious orders have produced short videos describing…
      • Discernment process
      • Formation
      • Personal vocation stories from…
      • Priests
      • Brothers
      • Sisters
      • Nuns
  • Videos can be very effective in prompting young people to consider a vocation


22 vocation videos implementation graphic

Serrans / Volunteers

  • Working with schools and staff to get vocation videos into classroom exercises / lesson plans

Program History, Development, and Additional Resources

The following resources comprise short descriptions of—and links to—a selection of vocations videos curated from around the Internet.  Among them are videos from both dioceses and religious orders.  Video resources are grouped under two headings—one for vocational paths open to men and one for vocational paths open to women; within each heading, videos are further categorized by appropriate audience:  upper elementary, middle school, high school, and collegians/young adults.  Each description contains the title, duration, and a synopsis of the video being referred to.

PLEASE NOTE:  The following videos can be used in conjunction with a selection of vocations talks for students; to match a chosen vocations talk with one or more of the video(s), please refer to the next chapter, ‘Resources for Elementary, Middle, and High School Vocations Talks.’
PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Two approaches to presenting videos are suggested.

  1. Consider selecting a video that reflects in some way your own vocations call or your own college/professional history—and then building your remarks around it; for example, if you’d been involved in athletics in college, you might choose Fr. Hilgenbrinck’s video and talk about how you also were involved in college sports and then bridge that into how you heard your own vocations call.
  2. Consider picking out a video that discusses a vocations call that is different than your own; in this way, you can show students that there are many ways in which God calls us.  In any case, it’s a good idea to also remind the students watching the video(s) that they can always feel free to talk to you or another priest/deacon/lay vocations supporter about any questions they might have.


Other Resources

From Vianney Vocations:

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