School Traveling Crucifix Program

A program similar to the Traveling Chalice Program—but focused upon rallying classrooms full of students to pray for vocations for one week during the school year.

Serra Participation

  • Acquiring crucifix
  • Organizing / keeping track of schedule as to which classroom hosts the crucifix which week of the school year


The School Traveling Crucifix Program provides students with a significant focal point for daily prayer in the classroom—and for conversation about the importance of vocations.

A beautiful crucifix is selected to “travel” to different classrooms in a school, with each class committing to host the crucifix for one week and to pray daily for vocations.

This is a wonderful—and easy-to-organize—way to involve students in praying for vocations, and to unite the school in perpetual prayer for priests and consecrated life.  This program and a similar one for parishes and dioceses have enjoyed growing popularity around the country.  Many Serra Clubs and Knights of Columbus have been willing to cover the cost of the Traveling Crucifix Kit.

Program Outline

  • Traveling crucifix program
  • Crucifix is selected to be taken from classroom to classroom within a school
  • Easy-to-organize way to…
  • Program has enjoyed growing popularity around America

During the School Year

Lead Time 2-3 Months


Medium Effort

Medium Cost

Program History and Development

There are many different suppliers and options to obtain your Traveling Crucifix. The Serra Store at Vianney Vocations has a complete kit available with a carrying case, Crucifix, holy cards and an explanation of the program at the following link:

Other options could include securing a crucifix, having a parishioner make a carrying case, ordering prayer cards and printing out the teachers notebook from the website.  It is great to put the kit in a “Catholic” bag to transport it. Often parishioners have a neat bag left over from a Catholic Conference.

Among best practices is the following programmatic outline that’s ready to use in your diocese or parish or school:

  • This program can be implemented in a variety of settings. Obtain the support of the person who has oversight for the chosen setting:
  • The principal for a school setting
  • The Superintendent of Catholic Schools for a diocesan-wide initiative
  • Whether the program is initiated in a single school or across a diocese, select one key individual to serve as program director, one director per Traveling Crucifix.
  • Obtain supplies:
  • Crucifix
  • Carrying case or bag
  • Daily Vocation Prayers to be handed out to each student during the crucifix’s visit.
  • Teacher Guide: a short description for the teacher to use in explaining the program and beginning the week-long visit of the Traveling Crucifix.
  • Schedule the following
  • A time when a particular class will receive the crucifix, for example, from the priest at the end of a school Mass, from a procession of students from the former class or in the school office on a certain day.
  • A time and location for returning the crucifix or passing it on.
  • Advertise
  • Start with an invitation by teachers, principals, school chaplains, and/or the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.
  • Arrange for program announcements in classes and school communications.
  • Organize the schedule of classroom visits for the Traveling Crucifix.
  • Arrange for weekly reminders about a return time and location, another to the next host classroom about a time and location to receive the crucifix.
  • Launch the Program
  • Arrange crucifix in its carrying case/bag with Daily Vocation Prayers and Teacher Guide.
  • The first classroom receives the crucifix in the arranged manner. The teacher places the crucifix in a safe and prominent location, explains the significance of the crucifix, distributes or projects Daily Vocation Prayers, and prays with the students each day during the week of the visit.  An electronic copy of daily prayers for projection are located at the bottom of the page of this link:


Reference Materials:

From Vianney Vocations:
Traveling Vocation Crucifix Kit

How to Conduct the Traveling Crucifix Program for Religious Education
Traveling Crucifix Program for Religious Education

Traveling Crucifix Teacher’s Booklet

Print this file for the teacher notebook to accompany the School Traveling Crucifix Vocation Kit.  We have made it easy for you–it includes: an explanation of the program, hints, prayers and lesson plans to accompany the School Traveling Crucifix Vocation Kit.
Traveling Crucifix Teacher’s Booklet [pdf]

Lesson Plan for School Traveling Crucifix Program

This booklet contains ideas and activities to promote religious vocations in your classroom or CCD Program. The lessons have been modified from the Los Angeles Archdiocese Vocation Office. You are free to reproduce and use.
Traveling Vocations Crucifix for Schools Lesson Plan

More lesson plans for Vocations with permission of the Archdiocese of Detroit
Lessons and Activities for Vocations [pdf]

Immaculate Conception School, Fort Smith, AR
Power of Prayer with Traveling Cross

St. Antoninus, Cincinnati, OH
Traveling Chalice Prayer Book [pdf]

Video from Catholic News Herald (Diocese of Charlotte, NC) which is titled:

“The Traveling Chalice Makes Its Way through St. Gabriel School in Charlotte”; the video (2:24 in length) details a Traveling Chalice Program as implemented within a Catholic school in the diocese:

St. Edward Pastor Fr. Scott Murphy‘s YouTube “Minute Message:”Announcing the school Traveling Chalice and thanking the Serra Club of Louisville for its sponsorship of the program.

Serra SPARK Helpers©

This is a set of best practices for conducting the School Traveling Crucifix Program:
School Traveling Crucifix Program Best Practices

““Let us face the vocations challenge with that equanimity and realism which take into account the
effectiveness of prayer,
and which are never devoid of supernatural hope.”

Pope St. John Paul II