Altar Server Awards

Recognizing the young men and women who serve at Mass has become a popular activity within dioceses around America. There are several avenues for doing so.

Serra Participation

Coordination of awards event:  date, time, place, refreshments if desired, etc.

Support on day of event:  ushering, handing out programs, serving, etc.


Altar servers play an important role in the Mass—but their contributions are sometimes overlooked.  It is worthy to note that many vocations are kindled during mass as an altar server.

Providing awards to altar servers in recognition of their dedication has become a popular activity in dioceses throughout North America.

There are numerous ways to recognize altar servers.  Ceremonies can be held in individual parishes, or on a wider basis in which all honorees from across a diocese are honored at one time.  Irrespective of the level of recognition chosen, the effort of a parish or diocese to take the time to recognize altar servers and their contributions can be a very positive—and much appreciated—gesture.

03 altar server awards
03 altar server awards

Program Outline

  • Altar servers play an important role at Mass
  • Recognizing them for their reverence, dedication and service to the Church has become a popular activity. It is a very positive and much appreciated gesture
  • There are numerous methods for recognizing them
    • Honors can be given on an individual parish basis
    • A large ceremony may be arranged that encompasses all honorees from the diocese

All Year

Lead Time 2-3 Months

Medium Effort

Low Cost


Reference Materials:

Resources from Vianney Vocations
Altar Server Award Certificate
Altar Server Pendant

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This is a sample letter from the Houston, Texas,  Serra Club to parishes inviting them to participate in an altar server awards Mass and ceremony. You may tailor it to your needs.
Letter of Invitation to Parishes
Diocesan or Archdiocesan Altar Server Appreciation Mass Procedures
Altar Server Appreciation Registration Form
Sample Invitation/Follow-up Letter to Pastors

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